The Benefits of Remote Working

I’m sure in some professions - like ours - the traditional 9 to 5 office job is nothing but an urban myth these days. In fact, according to The National Archives more than four million people were working from home in the UK in 2014, so I think it’s safe to assume that number to be much, much higher in 2017.

We are obviously great fans of remote working, and even though we are a close knit team with long standing partnerships, and even though we have been working for some of our clients for well over 10 years now, we’ve never had, and probably never will have a fixed bricks and mortar office. We all work from home, or from the garden or from wherever in the world we are travelling at that moment; and we have our meetings over Skype and in restaurants and coffee shops.

And, while this arrangement clearly has many advantages for us as the service providers, we also experience the same benefits when our partners and contractors work remotely for us. We truly believe a remote workforce can greatly favour your business and you as an employer in general so, we’ve thought about some of the benefits of having remote workers and virtual workplaces.

More Flexibility

Whilst the lack of routine that often accompany remote working can be seen as a disadvantage because some people may struggle to get motivated, most people actually perform more efficiently when they’re in charge of their own schedule and determine their own hours. Research says that this can be because less time is wasted on worrying about other responsibilities like school runs and being there for your family and this naturally creates a more relaxed and focussed working environment.

More Productivity
Things like wearing comfortable clothes, sitting in a room where you feel at home and being able to listen to the music you love all contribute to overall productivity. Add to that a significantly reduced possibility of getting stressed on a lengthy commute and getting distracted by chatty co-workers and it’s no surprise that remote workers are up to 30% more productive than office workers.

More Eco-Friendly
Apart from the fact that each person who works from home greatly reduces their carbon footprint by not having to commute into an office, fewer office supplies are used and the overall electricity used to run an office is also considerably lower when people work remotely.

More Profit
Regular monthly expenses can be greatly reduced by excluding office rent, bills, equipment, stationery and refreshments as well as saving money on things like daily commuting costs and work clothes.

It’s easy to see why remote working is universally accepted as a positive practice for most businesses. However, things like the time schedules, software systems and procedures that are necessary to make it run smoothly need to be well planned. And, like anything else in IT, you should revisit your remote working practices and update them often, ideally with the full input of your team.
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